Collazo scores a KO in Fight Hosted By Horseshoe Casino in Tunica

The bets started to roll in at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Tunica, Mississippi as the back and forth battle between the two southpaws started to turn heads. A Brooklyner and former World Champion, Luis Callazo took on welterweight contender, Sammy Vasquez Jr in the main event of Premier Boxing Championships on FS1 and FOX Deportes. The Horseshoe Casino is one of the remaining casino properties in the region, and did a wonderful job hosting the event. Despite a rough economic situation existing in Tunica, the event was well attended. Tunica online casinos are becoming more popular as some of the region’s most beloved brick and mortar casinos have closed their doors.

Both of the fighters were coming off a loss but Collazo was the more experienced fighter in the ring that night, sporting a 36-7 record. Collazo won the WBA welterweight title in 2006 with a split decision win over Jose Antonio Rivera which thrust him into discussion with the biggest names in the sport. He went on to have fights with guys like Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosely, and Andre Berto. Despite the unfortunate consequence of coming up short in headline bouts against big names, he kept pushing and eventually got another shot at the next level. In January of 2014, he had the chance to fight Victor Ortiz for the WBA international welterweight title. Victor Ortiz was at the top of the sport and was the heavy favorite. Luis Collazo knocked Ortiz out with a sharp lead right hook as both fighters raced to throw the same punch when Collazo’s hook landed first.

It was the same punch that ended the night early for Vasquez, “Going into the fight I knew he didn’t like the body shots. In the locker room my team was telling me that he’s going to be waiting for it. We wanted to touch him soft down low and then go up top. We opened him up. We both tried to line up the hook and mine landed first,” said Collazo. After the bout, Collazo dropped to his knees and prayed as his opponent struggled to regain consciousness in the middle of the ring in Tunica, Mississippi.

Vasquez, an 8-year army veteran who served two tours in Iraq, had no problems admitting defeat, “I felt like I was starting to get in my groove. He just caught me with a really great shot at the right time. I knew his big punch was the right hook. I was working on keeping my hand up to block it. I dropped it at the wrong time and he got me. Obviously, this is going to set me back. I need to come back stronger. I hope that I can come back and fight someone that can help me move up the ranks.”

It was a little more than six months before this bout where Vasquez suffered his first defeat as a professional and despite the loss, was highly regarded coming into this bout with Collazo. While Vasquez is looking to take some time off and regroup Collazo is ready to fight again immediately. In the post-fight interview Collazo was asked about his next bout to which he responded, “There are a lot of great fights coming up in the welterweight division. I know Shawn Porter doesn’t have an opponent right now. I’m ready to get it on if he is.”

Collazo recently found out that Shawn Porter is the mix with setting up a fight with Andre Berto, so you can bet that he’s paying attention to the winner of that fight for his next bout.